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Leading the Market with Exceptional Reach
With over 120,000 registered users and millions of shop impressions each month, our platform stands as the largest cannabis platform in Thailand. We proudly feature over 6,500 listed shops, and more than 3,300 of these shops actively manage their listings on our platform.
By joining our network, you gain access to a vast and engaged audience. Our platform not only connects you with a large customer base but also provides unparalleled visibility and reach in the Thai medicinal cannabis market.
As a partner shop, you become a part of this thriving ecosystem, leveraging our market leadership to grow your business and enhance your visibility in this rapidly expanding sector.
Partner with Thailand's Premier Medicinal Cannabis Card Program
Join Thailand's pioneering Digital Medicinal Cannabis Card program, an innovative platform that connects you directly with a growing base of medicinal cannabis users. Our program maximizes your business potential by driving more traffic to your store, both online and in-person, and ensuring safe and compliant transactions.
Exclusive Business Benefits for Participating Shops
Experience the advantage of being part of our network. Offering discounts from 5% to 30% not only attracts more customers but also contributes to the well-being of medicinal cannabis users. Our system is designed to protect sensitive information, adhering to the latest PDPA laws, thus enhancing customer trust in your shop.
Seamless Integration with Your Existing Operations
Incorporating our digital card system into your business is effortless. Our technology is compatible with various sales platforms, making the transaction process smooth and secure.
Join a Community Committed to Quality and Safety
As a partner, you become part of a network of shops dedicated to providing high-quality medicinal cannabis products. This aligns your business with principles of safety, legality, and responsible distribution, elevating your brand's reputation.
No Fees, Just Growth Opportunities
Our program creates a mutually beneficial environment where your business can grow without any fees for participating. This approach ensures that your investment in our program translates directly into increased sales and customer satisfaction.
Your Gateway to a Thriving Medicinal Cannabis Market
By joining our program, you tap into a specialized market, reaching customers who are actively seeking medicinal cannabis products. Our digital card serves as a gateway to this lucrative sector.
Dedicated Support and Continuous Improvement
We provide ongoing support to ensure seamless integration and operation of our platform in your business. We are committed to continuously enhancing the value of the WEED.TH Medicinal Cannabis Card.
How does ranking work?

We showcase shops which provide more value to customers which means most of the time shops offering 30% off of their retail would be higher than shops offering 5% off. We also factor in scans at your shop, product selection, reviews, new card signups, and other tracking methods to provide the best expierence for the user.

How much does it cost to intergrate?

We do not charge any fees to use this service, or to list your shop.

How can I sell products on WEED.TH?

One of the core reasons why we developed the digital cannabis card was to be able to support secure delivery requests. We immediately saw the need for a secure delivery service that could be trusted by both the customer and the shop. For the customer we wanted to protect the customers data from the shop, and for the shop we wanted to protect the shop from false order requests or risks of underage customers.

As a participating shop we verify that your shop has a valid license, and that you are able to sell products. We then provide you with a secure delivery request system that allows you to accept or deny orders. We are happy to say that we do not charge a commission, or markup but we do expect your shop to pass on the savings to the customer which will promote delivery requests.

How can licensed clinics issue cards?

Clinics which are licensed, and have licensed medical professionals can issue cards to patients. We provide a secure system that allows clinics to issue cards, and to verify the validity of cards.

We offer this service for free to clinics, and we do not charge any fees to issue cards as long as the clinics provide a proper consultation.

If a clinic already has a system in place to issue cards we can provide an API to allow the clinic to issue cards through their own system depending on the patient volume.

Do you support government, or hosptial providers?

Yes, we support government providers, and we are happy to work with any government agency to provide a secure system to issue cards, or verify patient information. We also support hospitals, and clinics which are licensed to issue cards.


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WEED.TH is a digital platform that connects patients with licensed doctors and dispensaries. We are a team of passionate individuals who believe in the power of medicinal cannabis to improve the lives of patients in Thailand. We are committed to providing a safe, secure, and compliant platform for patients to access medicinal cannabis.

This platform is not affiliated with any government agency. We are an independent, private service committed to offering secure access to medicinal cannabis. Our goal is to complement, not replace, the guidance of healthcare professionals.

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