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Pioneering Healthcare Partnerships in Medicinal Cannabis
WEED.TH is at the forefront of integrating licensed cannabis dispensaries into Thailand’s healthcare landscape. Our platform, already engaging over 120,000 registered users and featuring thousands of cannabis shops, is now actively expanding to include more medical facilities.
Your partnership as a medical facility will not only broaden our network but also enhance the accessibility and quality of medicinal cannabis care. Joining us means connecting with a dedicated and growing community, seeking professional and reliable healthcare solutions.
As we grow our network of medical facilities, your participation is invaluable. Partner with us to shape the future of medicinal cannabis in Thailand, leveraging our platform’s reach and resources to provide exceptional care and expand your medical services in this emerging field.
Empower Your Patients with Thailand's Premier Medicinal Cannabis Card
We invite all licensed medical facilities, including hospitals, clinics, and healthcare professionals, to partner with our Digital Medicinal Cannabis Card program. This initiative offers a unique opportunity to provide both your new and existing patients with a valuable resource - a universal medical card accepted across various shops and online platforms, enhancing their access to medicinal cannabis.
Complimentary Promotion Of Your Facility
As a participating medical facility, you will be listed on our platform, providing your facility with increased exposure and visibility. Your facility will be featured in our directory, allowing patients to easily find and connect with you so they can obtain a consultation
Complimentary Card Issuance for Licensed Facilities
As a licensed medical facility, you can issue these cards to your patients at no cost. Our system is designed to integrate seamlessly into your current operations, providing a secure and efficient method for card issuance, whether for new consultations or ongoing patient care.
Enhanced Patient Experience and Care
By participating in this program, you offer your patients an added value to their healthcare journey. The digital cannabis card not only ensures secure transactions but also provides them access to a broader network of dispensaries, both in physical stores and online. This expanded access is especially beneficial for those who otherwise might not have the opportunity to receive a comprehensive medical card.
A No-Risk Opportunity to Enhance Patient Care
With no fees and a user-friendly system, adopting this program in your facility comes with minimal downside. It’s an effortless way to extend additional support to your patients, ensuring they receive the best care and resources available in the realm of medicinal cannabis.
How much does it cost to join the program?
There are no fees associated with joining the program. We offer this service at no cost to all licensed medical facilities.
How do I issue cards to my patients?
Our system is designed to integrate seamlessly into your current operations. You can issue cards to your patients at the end of each consultation.
How do I issue cards to my existing patients?

You can issue cards to your existing patients through our online management system. Simply log in to your facility account, and you will be able to issue cards to your patients.

For facilities with large numbers of patients, we can help you issue cards in bulk. Please contact us for more information.

How do I manage my patients cards?
You can manage your patients' cards through our online management system. Once you have issued a card, you can view and manage it through your facility account.
How do I know if a card is valid?
All cards have a unique QR code, which can be scanned to verify the card's validity. Once scanned it will prompt the real card holder to confirm the validity of the card through 2-factor verification.
Do you support government, or hosptial providers?

Yes, we support government providers, and we are happy to work with any government agency to provide a secure system to issue cards, or verify patient information. We also support hospitals, and clinics which are licensed to issue cards.


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WEED.TH is a digital platform that connects patients with licensed doctors and dispensaries. We are a team of passionate individuals who believe in the power of medicinal cannabis to improve the lives of patients in Thailand. We are committed to providing a safe, secure, and compliant platform for patients to access medicinal cannabis.

This platform is not affiliated with any government agency. We are an independent, private service committed to offering secure access to medicinal cannabis. Our goal is to complement, not replace, the guidance of healthcare professionals.

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